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hi guys i know this isn’t my normal thing and i know i haven’t been posting(i’ll post something this Saturday) but one of the people i follow wanted the word out so i want to help. if you can reblog it to it would be a huge help. thank you

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            Welcome to Interlude! This is a new feature of TI, dedicated to reviewing music that fits in the SCA period. Unfortunate;y, since not much music was written down before the twelfh-century, we will look mostly at music from the twelfth through sixteenth-centuries. In each issue we will be looking at a number of CDs and tapes and exploring the relationship between the SCA and the early music industry. We hope to be able to offer something to everyone, from those who know nothing about authentic music right up to dedicated early music fans.

            Gwydion Gwirion is a sixteenth-century nobleman from Wales (can these be distinguished from the English? Mostly only by name…) who spends most of his time pursuing the various courtly arts. Chris Ebert is a persona that exists to support the aforesaid individual, and who suffers from an inability to keep money in his wallet that makes him welcomed in many of the local record stores. Both are prone to occasional fits of silliness. Geoffrey Mathias is a fifteenth-century Englishman, with a weakness for Italian dances and clothing. Matt Larsen is (what else?) a computer programmer with far too many CDs and more musical instruments than he really has time to practice.

            Many of our columns will follow a theme, such as sixteenth-century lute music, or the music of the troubadours. If you have a specific interest, let us know and we will make an effort to cover it. Also, we hope to be able to review music done by SCA people as well as the regular music industry. To do this, through, we need demo tapes to listen to! (I won’t be adding the address)

((side note: i don’t know how many of these i have but i am giving it a tag named Interlude just in case there is more then one of them))

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Some Fifteenth-Century Recipes for colors

Some Fifteenth-Century Recipes for colors

Translated by Jeffrey L. Singman

Notes by Dan Jennings

Written: 1994

Jeffrey L. Singman is an author, editor, medievalist, advocate for living history and inveterate ferret-fancir. As a founding member of the Southwark Trayn’d Bands, he is sometimes seen in the guise of Geoffrey Cade, a tapster, drummer, roarer, swaggerer and notable maltworm.

Dan Jennings is a motion picture and television set designer. his interests include the study of western history, archeology, social anthropology and historical re-enactment of various time periods. his great love and avocation is the exact reconstruction of medieval garments and textiles with his wife Elizabeth and Percival the cat.

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So sorry

hello people and thank you to everyone who is following this now. i wanted to write this out saying sorry that i haven’t posted anything new. i’ll be posting one real soon that is super long so i hope that makes up for it. i’ll be doing my best to keep posting